Rajasthan State Agricultural Marketing Board is mainly engaged in the construction and maintenance activities of mandi yards and link roads, in mandi areas of the state. Efforts are being made to strengthening the Post Harvest Management activities to promote export of fruits and vegetables from the state, by the Board for the benefit of farmers.

The main purpose for the accomplishment of which the Board has been set up are summarised as follows:

1.      Project preparation for development of market yards and construction and maintenance of market yards and sub yards.

2.      Construction of CC Pavement in Rural village portion, Link Roads in mandi area and upgradation of constructed roads.

3.      Project preparation & development of specific commodity mandies in the State based on arrivals in the area.

4.      To promote farmers for post harvest management related works.

5.      Organising training for Officers and staff of RSAMB, DAM and market committees and to organize camps, workshop, seminars and conferences.

6.      To help the farmers in accidental cases.

7.      Any other purpose connected with agricultural marketing with prior approval of the State Govt.

The major part of the activities of the Board is devoted to construction of market yards (including sub-yards).


Thirty, Twenty and Ten- percent contribution from the income of 'Super' class, 'A' class and 'B' class market committees is deposited with Board in the form of Development Fund. The Board has got its own engineering cell to look-after the construction works and collect prorata charges.

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