Salient Features





Salient Features of the Olive Project :

    • The technical know-how is being provided by various experts from, Israel.
    • Well-known Olive Experts in the world regularly visit, inspect, monitor the progress on the farms and provide technical know-how.
    • Quality Rooted Olive plants 1.12 Lacs Nos. have been imported from Israel. The imported plants after being hardened at Hi-tech nursery located at Durgapura (Jaipur) are planted in the sites at various times.
    • Seven leading varieties have been selected and planted i.e., Barnea, Arbequina, Cortina, Picholine, Picual, Coraniki & Frontoy.
    • Irrigation is being done through drip irrigation which is automatically controlled by the one of the most advanced systems in four farms and rest is being done with manual control system.
    • Farms are equipped with Hi-tech control for fertigation, pH, EC Root, EC Drippers through Agro-Agronom controller that can be accessed from anywhere through internet.
    • Various cultivation practices like super intensive plant geometry, fertigation, plant-protection, agronomical practices, leaves diagnosis and fertilizer efficiency inter-crops etc. are under experimental stages before actual release to farmer.
    • At all the sites auto-metrological stations have been installed by which every climatically happening are recorded and analyzed.

Working Strength :

  • Seven operational farms are being managed by well learned Ph. D & M.Sc. (Ag.) Indian youths which are being supported by Project Coordinated Unit (PCU) located in Jaipur.
  • PCU has been technically supported by world leading Olive consultants.
  • PCU comprises of a Managing Director, Two officers from State Agriculture Department along with the Israeli technical consultant.