State Agriculture Marketing Profile

Rajasthan, the largest state of India (3, 42,239sq, km.) situated in the north-western part of the Indian Union (23 30’ and 30 11’ North latitude and 69 29’ and 78 17’ East longitude) is largely an arid state for most of its part. The Tropic of Cancer passes through south of Banswara town. Presenting an irregular rhomboid shape, the state has a maximum length of 869 km. from west to east and 826 km. from north to south. The western boundary of the state is part of the Indo-pak international boundary, running to an extent of 1,070 km. It touches four main districts of region, namely, Barmer, Jaisalmer, Bikaner and Ganganagar. The state is girdled by Punjab and Haryana states in the north, Uttar Pradesh in the east, Madhya Pradesh in the southeast and Gujarat in the southwest.


The Vision of the Department of Agricultural Marketing is to establish agricultural markets in the state and regulate buying and selling process of agriculture commodities. The Department ensures competitive price to the farming community who are left behind in the competitive marketing scenario. To achieve competitive price, effective enforcement of existing act and rules and implementation of new technologies remains always in top priorities of the department. Agricultural Marketing infrastructure plays a pivotal role in fostering and sustaining the tempo for economic development of farmers.


The department has 10 divisions to administer development process of agriculture marketing in the state. There are 143 Agriculture Produce Market Committees to regulate functioning of 143 main market yards and 330 sub market yards. Agricultural Commodities like cereals, millets, pulses, oilseeds, cotton, small forest produce, etc. have been notified for regulation in the state.


RAJEEV GANDHI KRASHAK SATHI SAHAYTA YOJANA gives financial assistance of Rs. Two lakh to the dependent of farmer in case of death of farmer by accident during agriculture operation.


Agmark grading is undertaken through eight AGMARK laboratories to protect the consumers from the ill effects of adulteration. Agmark Grading Laboratories are engaged in grading the notified food products like vegetable oils, ghee, butter, honey, wheat flour, besan flour, ground spices etc. Test oil percent in Mustard ten oil testing laboratories are in operation under various APMCs.


To ensure easy stay of farmers, KISHAN BHAWAN at seven divisional headquarters and 26 at district headquarters are in operation.

Scheme for establishment of Agri trade Towers to provide office space for purchaser of Agriculture produce has been initiated in Sriganganagar, Kota, Khairthal and Jaipur. Objective of the scheme is to ensure increased level of competition for purchase of agriculture produce.


To minimize post-harvest losses of agricultural produce, especially fruits and vegetables, four big pack house, five small pack houses and seven cold storage are in operation through RSAMB and APMCs.97 units of cold storage, warehouses, grading and sorting, dehydration, cattle feed etc. are in implementation under AGRI PROCESSING AND AGRI BUSINESS POLICY 2010.