Monitoring and Evaluation

   Monitoring and Evaluation

Systematic monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of project activities and outcome indicators will be carried out to assess the effectiveness of the project during implementation and at completion. The PMU will have the operational responsibility for planning and coordinating M&E activities for the entire project. The M&E of RACP will be facilitated by three distinct but interrelated aspects:

                       i.    The implementing departments and agencies will regularly monitor and report on the project’s physical and financial inputs and outputs.

                      ii.    The M&E consultant/ agency based within the PMU will concurrently monitor and evaluate project processes, approaches, institutions  and quantify                                                 short term outputs and outcomes.   

                     iii.    An M&E agency recruited to support the PMU will carry out a baseline survey (to validate the base line values adopted to date for the  core project indicators                                 as well as for supplemental indicators of interest to GOR) and the evaluation of the project’s outcomes and  impacts prior to project completion.

The implementing departments/ agencies and the PMU will provide all relevant information to the M&E agency. The M&E agency will analyse the collected data and prepare simple, informative, and user-friendly reports that will be submitted to the PMU M&E unit and distributed to all levels of project management and implementation. The project M&E arrangements will be supported by an MIS system that will also be established within the PMU and reach out to all implementing agencies. 


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