Environment and Social Management

Environment and Social  Management


The DOA, GOR have undertaken an environment and social assessment study to assess and address the key environment and social issues impacts and risks related with RACP including applicability of World Bank’s social safeguard policies on involuntary resettlement and indigenous peoples.

The key issues highlighted by the social assessment and relevant for RACP are:-

1.              Planning, preparation and implementation of cluster plans for water resources, crops, livestock, value chains and business development

2.              Farmers organizations on watersheds, groundwater, canal water, value chains and producer companies

3.              Beneficiary selection and benefit/cost sharing criteria and arrangements

4.              Capacity building and training interventions


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The key issues highlighted by the Environmental Assessment and relevant for RACP are:-

1.              Collection, delivery and distribution of water for agriculture and livestock purposes in surface water irrigated canal command areas, ground water sources                           and rainfed areas

2.              On-farm water use efficiency

3.              Soil moisture and fertility improvements

4.              Sustainable intensification and diversification of farm production

5.              Integrated crop and livestock farming systems

6.              Value chains through sorting, grading, storage, processing and rural haats aiming to establish longer term partnerships and market linkages between FPO                          and agribusiness enterprises.


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