Project Management Unit (PMU)


Project Management Unit (PMU) headed by a Project Director, RACP has been established for the purpose of implementation of the project. The PMU will be housed in the RACP Society and shall be overall responsible for the implementation and day to day co-ordination of RACP including responsibility for overall financial management, PMU level procurement, safeguards, M & E, supervision of DPRs and other backstopping arrangements. The PMU will be staffed by a team of professional staff and support staff, including a Chief Financial Controller, Jt. Director Agriculture (Agronomy), Project Coordinators (Agriculture, Horticulture, Animal Husbandry, Watershed Development & Soil conservation, Ground Water & Water Resources), Procurement Specialist, M&E and MIS specialists, Social and Environment specialists, Agri-business Specialist and five other technical personnel.


Duties and Functions of PMU of Society:


  • To issue guidelines for implementation of the project activities as per PIP and as per the direction of the World Bank received from time to time.
  • Coordinate functions of all the line departments and the other implementing agencies relating to project activities.
  • To obtain annual budgets from all the line departments and compile the same and submit the same for approval to the Principal Secretary, Department of Agriculture, GoR for further action on the same.
  • Release funds as per the planned program under the project to line departments and spending units.
  • Obtain progress reports about spending of funds and achievement of physical targets as per project plan, compile the same and submit to GoR and WB
  • Compile proposals of reimbursement of funds from WB and submit the same in time to GoR and WB.
  • To implement all the activities proposed to be implemented by PMU.
  • Make arrangements of internal audit and External audit of accounts of line departments and spending units and get the same completed in time.
  • To recruit all the staff required for project as per staffing pattern in PIP by following WB procurement procedure.
  • To procure goods, services, contracts as per PIP by following WB norms.
  • To award consultancies following WB Procedures