Value Chains and Business Incubation

Value Chains and Business Incubation

The objective of value chain and business incubation component is to enable farmers to engage in profitable market oriented production, that is sustainable and to promote partnerships and market linkages with other value chain participants and agribusinesses. The component helps the producer groups, agro-enterprises, entrepreneurs and commodity associations, to actively engage in the development of commodity value chains by partially financing demand-driven investment proposals to producer organization through a matching grant.

Agricultural production and its marketing are interrelated activities and RACP through ABPF aims at promoting entrepreneurship and development of business plans for, among others, Producer Companies, MTAs (Multi Task Associations) and help further refine and develop Agri Business Policy for bringing higher income to farming community. Considering the scope of further improving sustainability of agriculture, value addition to agriculture produce is most important critical factor. Development of various business activities either supporting agriculture or based on agriculture production will add to the income of the farmers. Thus scope of work includes:

      i.        Identification of potential commodities and their value chain study with special focus on micro level gaps at cluster level and suitable intervention plans for                                 identified gaps.  16 value chain reports developed by RACP on Agriculture, Horticulture and Animal Husbandry products.

     ii.        Development of technical manuals suitable for enhancement of production systems for agriculture, horticulture and animal husbandry.

    iii.        On the basis of cluster specific value chains and available resources (Land, water, infrastructure, etc.) design suitable and replicable business models/                                               technical detailed project reports for agriculture entrepreneurs and Community based organizations (CBOs).

    iv.        Financial linkage of prospective agriculture entrepreneurs or CBOs to financial institutions including available government schemes for credit and grants.

     v.        Incubation and agriculture enterprise skill development of prospective entrepreneurs and CBOs.