Project Components

Project Components

Under RACP the project components selected are primarily with the objective of increasing production with input resource management specially in relation to water conservation, harvesting and its use, bringing higher economic benefits to the farming community through holistic and integrated approach for marketing and value chain development. Since agriculture in Rajasthan heavily depends on monsoon the strategic option available is harvesting every drop of water and maximizing production per unit of water keeping sustainability the agriculture system in focus.

The project components address capacity, access and participation-related issues by (i) incentivizing group formation among smallholder farmers (e.g. water user groups, ground water management communities, watershed groups, commodity groups) through specialized service providers; (ii) promoting farmer access to farm inputs, advisory services, product markets as well as agriculture insurance; and (iii) promoting gender-equitable practices in the sector.

The project will be taken up in 20 clusters two each in different agro climatic zones of the state. These 20 regional clusters are covering different agro-climatic conditions of the state. Selection of these geographical clusters has also taken into account, inter alia, drought-proneness, soil types, cropping pattern, sources of irrigation, marketing infrastructure, prospects for value chain and livestock population. Each cluster represents rainfed agriculture, ground water irrigated or surface water irrigated agriculture. In each of the cluster one major commodity grown in Kharif and Rabi is identified for marketing and value chain approach and the focus of the activities is on having an integrated and holistic end to end approach/value chain approach. Since, livestock is an integral part of livelihood security in the state the focus would also be on enhancing its productivity. Large ruminant livestock are excluded from the project design as it is likely to be covered under another World Bank supported project. Therefore focus in RACP would be on small ruminants specially goat.

The Four Major Components include:-

1. Climate Resilient Agriculture

2. Markets and Value Chains

3. Farmer Organizations and Capacity Building

4. M&E, Project Management

A. Improvement of water-use efficiency

B. Technology transfer and market led advisory services

C. Livestock strengthening and management

A. Agribusiness Promotion Facility (ABPF)

B. Pre-investment Advisory Support

C. Information and Market Infrastructure Support

D. Agribusiness Support

A. Farmer groups & participatory planning

B. Institution strengthening

C. Production risk management tools

A. Project management

B. M&E, convergence