Steering Committee (SC) Meeting Minutes

        RACP Management and Implementation Society (RACPMIS) at the State level has been set up under the chairmanship of the Chief Secretary of Rajasthan.This society will meet once in a year to give overall advice, policy directives for smooth implementation, and monitor implementation of the project. The key role of the broad based General Body headed by the Chief Secretary is to ensure a coordinated approach across different line departments and stakeholders in the project. The Committee has power to approve need based changes in the design, budget and administrative issues involved in the implementation of RACP.

01_Minutes of 1st SC_GBP dated 20.04.2012
02_Minutes of 2nd SC_GBM of RACPMIS 04.03.2014
03_Minutes of the Third Steering Committee Meeting Dated 13.06.2016
04_Minutes of 4th Meeting of Steering Committee, RACPMIS held on 26.10.2017
05_Miniutes of the SC Meeting Dated-04.09.18
06_Minutes of 6th Meeting of the SC dated 26.10.2020