Gypsum Distribution Programme

  • In Gypsum there is 16 to 19% Calcium and 13 to 16% Sulphar. It is used as a soil ammendment in reclamation of alkali soils on the basis Gypsum requirement
    (G.R. Value) given in soil test report. Gypsum is also used as nutrient in Oilseed, Pulses & Wheat crop @ of 250 kg per hectare.

Subsidy :-

  • 50% Subsidy is given to farmer on districtwise rate of Gypsum for maximum area of 2 hectare. For Districtwise rate of Gypsum ( Click here )

Eligibility :-

  • All farmers of state

Application Process :-

  • To apply in perscribed application form ( Click here to download ) for demand of Gypsum as a nutrient.
  • To apply in prescribed application form for demand of Gypsum to be used for reclamation of alkali soil on the basis of G.R. Value as per soil test report.

Availability of Gypsum :-

  • Local Dealer/Retailer / KVSS/ GSS of agencies such as IPL & Rajfed doing Gypsum transportation & distribution.

Time Period :-

  • Within one month of receiving demand of Gypsum from cultivator.

Contact :-

  • Gram Panchayat level:- Agriculture Supervisor
  • Panchayat samiti level:- Assistant Agriculture officers.
  • Sub District level:- Assistant Director Agriculture ( AD ).
  • District level:- Dy. Director Agriculture (Ext), Zila Parishad.